Fight the New Drug – Elizabeth Smart Speaks For The First Time About Pornography’s Role In Her Abduction

The Struggle Between Faith and Bipolar Disorder II

Dear Friends,

I apologize for my absence from the blogosphere. You see, I was recently diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder II. My blog will shift gears a bit, not only will i be writing about my battle with Cerebral Palsy, but also mental illness. This diagnosis has shaken my Faith to the core. I ask for your prayers during this time.


Tino Tarango


Saint Thomas Apostle, pray for us!

The Battle for Truth continues

From my good friend

Joe Sales

Dear Friends,

In One corner, We have people or websites like Dave Armstrong, Patheos, Aleteia, Fr Larry Richards, Fr James Martin SJ, National Catholic Reporter, Fr Thomas Rosica, Fr Edward Beck, Fr Thomas Reese SJ, and many others who spew a watered down version of Catholicism or who resort to calling people names. It’s people like these who have an agenda to push their liberal, modernist, and heretical views on others. Like I mentioned in a previous post, When people like this do what they do, In their minds, it’s all good

For example:

A Jesuit Priest, Fr James Martin SJ supports Tim Kaine, the Democratic nominee for VP running alongside Hillary Clinton, who calls himself a “traditional Catholic” while supporting Abortion. Just goes to show you that a heretic supports one of his own. You can’t be a Catholic and support Abortion, That is just wrong. Toronto Catholic…

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The servers knew where the wine came from- Recognizing Jesus in Our Daily Lives

From Melissa at:

God is in your typewriter

Skydiver, Parachuting, Free Fall, Parachute, JumpingI have several days to go before the end of my career. While I am at peace in the Lord, my human side is trying hard to be afraid. My career is how I have identified for over fifteen years. I don’t know a life apart from it. The daily ebbs and flows of crime, death, tragedy and ungodly bloodiness. Broken families, broken system. Rage, anger hurt and fear. Prison and police. Sirens; and my inner struggle to leave it all.

I never wanted to become a lawyer- that was born out of my desire to help children who were like me, and couldn’t help themselves. I never made it on that plane to New York City, to Columbia University, where I longed to write. But that was all for good reason, I wasn’t saved. I wasn’t a follower of Jesus Christ.

I imagine some of the pieces I may…

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Joe Sales on Our Lady and the Rosary


Tino Tarango: Hi Joe, thank you for agreeing to do this interview with me. Before we begin, it is my understanding that you have been involved in Catholic media for more than a decade. How did the opportunity come about?

Joe Sales: I have been involved in Catholic Media for a decade or more. The opportunity just came through blogging and listening to podcasts such as SQPN’s Catholic Weekend. SQPN is pretty much where I got my interest from and then from that point on I launched into the blogosphere and made many connections in Catholic Media. I’ve had various blogs over the past decade and have contributed to many as well.

TT: I’ve read from your blog, that you have had a strong devotion to Our Lady since you were young… Why do you think this is the case?

JS: You’re right. I’ve had a strong devotion to Our Lady since I was young. I’d like to think my Mom and Grandma had a huge part to play in this by helping me to develop my prayer life specifically the Rosary and other Marian devotions.

TT: Are you drawn to Our Lady, under any particular title? I know from conversing with you online, that Our Lady of Fatima is of importance to you. Why is that?


JS: Well, Our Lady of Fatima is of importance to me and really, should be to the world as well. The message of Fatima is that people need to pray but also amend their lives for the sins they’ve committed. I’ve always been interested in the apparitions of Our Lady specifically Fatima. I remember learning about Our Lady of Fatima at a young age.

TT: For you, what is our Lady’s greatest attribute?


JS: The Fact Our Lady was born without sin and that Queen over all things.

TT: How has Our Lady lead you closer to Jesus?

JS: Our Lady has helped me to grow closer to her son via Total Consecration (I recommend True Devotion to Mary by St Louis De Montfort)


TT: In which ways has Our Lady interceded for you, during trying times in your life?


JS: I can answer this question with one word: Freedom . Our Lady has interceded on my behalf many times and she is a strong intercessor. She’s helped me to be free of certain areas of difficulty in my life.

TT:  In addition to devotion to Our Lady, you have a great devotion to her Rosary, Could you tell me about that?


JS: Well, as mentioned in my answer for question number two, My devotion to the Rosary started at a young age thanks to my mom and grandma. There have been times when I would go for a while without saying it but I find that it is in those times when I am the most vulnerable to attacks by Satan.

TT: What advice would you give to those who are just beginning to recite the Rosary? Or to those of us, who have a hard time, maintaining the devotion as part of our prayer lives?

Praying priest

JS: My advice for those beginning the Rosary for the first time or for those who have difficulties with it, spread the Rosary out during an entire day. First decade in the morning, Second and Third in the afternoon and Fourth and Fifth in the evening. If there is someone who has never prayed the Rosary, start with three Hail Mary’s or an Our Father, Hail Mary, and a Glory Be.

TT: In closing, is there anything else you’d like to leave us with?


JS: In Closing, Mary is our spiritual mother and she loves all of us just like she loved her Son. Put your trust in her and she will carry you to her son.

TT: Once again, thank you for allowing me to interview you. I look forward to doing it again, sometime in the near future.



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The Vortex – Limiting God

It takes a courageous man to admit his past faults… Michael Voris, is one of them! God bless him and all Church Militant staff.

Source: Limiting God